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Clay Smith was born in Hull in 1974. Now living and working in Central England, Clay has been concentrating his attention Internationally as well as nationally.  A series of Clay’s recent work ‘The Dystopian Family’ has been exhibited in the Format International Photography Festival, as an EXPOSURE artist in 2013.  Clay was recently INTERVIEWED for his recent exhibition DYSTOPIA at Harrington Mill Studio’s, please read the interview HERE.

‘Uncomfortable, confining and awkward structures seem to contain us. We are pretty much at the mercy of a controlled working environment. This is what my work is connecting with, but on social dynamic level.’

Clay continues to work with photomontage, exhibiting in England; notably at the Tarpey Gallery, and has recently exhibited in South Korea, at the Keumsan Gallery in Seoul called ‘The Darkness of Light’.  In Seoul he has been involved in Korea’s Hotel Art Fair in 2012, and also at the Plume Gallery.  Clay Smith has collectors both in England and abroad, recently selling a piece to one of Korea’s top pop musical artist!

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